Welcome Message

Dear All,

It is our great pleasure to announce that Biocuration 2010, the Conference of the International Society for Biocuration and the 4th International Biocuration Conference is held at Tokyo, Japan on 11-14 October 2010.

At the 2007 International Biocurator meeting in San Jose, CA, the idea of forming a society for curators and scientists working in the field of biocuration and bio-databases was presented.  At the International Biocurator Meeting in Berlin, Germany in the spring of 2009, the official inauguration was made that the International Society for Biocuration (ISB) has been established.

The goals of the International Society for Biocuration (ISB) are set up as follows: The Society helps define the profession of biocuration and its standpoint within the wider research community.  It also provides a forum for biocurators, developers, researchers, and students to exchange experience and ideas.  To ensure the stability of funding, the Society tries to promote the importance of this work.  The Society also builds relationships with publishers and establishes bridges between researchers and databases through journal publishers.  Moreover, the Society organizes a regular international meeting.

In particular, the present meeting aims to invite all biocurators and their colleagues, providing them with a platform where all the participants including speakers and chairpersons can have intimate discussion and exchange of information under superb environments.  We also encourage all the participants to enjoy staying in Japan and touching exquisite taste of Japanese culture.  Odaiba, the meeting place, is one of the most popular regions in Japan where is close to the Narita International Airport as well as the metropolitan areas of central Tokyo.  If you use a bullet train, Shinkansen, you have easy access to Kyoto.

Thus, we would like to invite all the people who are interested in this meeting.

Best regards,

Takashi Gojobori
Chair, Biocuration 2010

Tadashi Imanishi
Vice-chair, Biocuration 2010