Data download for Hara and Imanishi (2011)
Abundance of Ultramicro Inversions within Local Alignments between Human and Chimpanzee genomes
Yuichiro Hara and Tadashi Imanishi
BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, 11:308

   Detection program for Ultramicro inversions within local alignments. 183 KB Download
      This program requires the installation of legacy_blast.pl and blastn (BLAST+) or bl2seq (legacy version) from NCBI BLAST. See README.txt in detail.
   The summary of 2,377 Ultramicro inversions between the human and chimpanzee genomes. 187 KB Download
      Characteristcs of each ultramicro inversions are shown in a line separated by tab.
   SET of the orthologous genome alignments between human and chimpanzee 1,176 MB Download
      The one-to-one alignments were in G-compass format .